Seaport Trends

We published quarterly summaries of container traffic on the West Coast of North America from the first quarter of 2009 to the fourth quarter of 2010. After tracking this trade for a number of years for internal use, we decided to extend this work and publish it because of the massive declines of the container trade in late 2008 and early 2009. We ended these publications with the initial rebound in this container trade in 2010.

We consider that the container traffic volumes provided monthly by the port authorities are a good indicator of trends in the transpacific container trade. Unlike trade and economic data, there are few measurement issues in container counts.

The links to the trends publications are:

First Quarter 2009

Second Quarter 2009

Third Quarter 2009

Fourth Quarter 2009

First Quarter 2010

Third Quarter 2010

Fourth Quarter 2010

Seaport Newsletter

From time to time, we publish reports on current projects or industry developments we find interesting. These are found in the Seaport Newsletter:

March 2009 - The world economy and container trade tank. What are the causes, outlooks and appropriate industry responses?

August 2013 - The financial implications of container terminal automation in the U.S. West Coast environment. How much automation is appropriate from the terminal operator’s point of view?

Articles by Seaport

"Selling the family silver," Containerisation International, June 2008. This article deals with the implications of container terminal acquisitions.

"Everyone in the pool!," Containerisation International, July 2007. This article deals with container trucking.

"Yard Automation," Cargo Systems, September 2006. This article deals with container terminal automation.